Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leadership Style

Eva Marie Gugino led Leadership With Style on Thursday night. We made human knots and then added blindfolds to learn how it feels to be in the dark. Later we all figured out our colors and contemplated what life is like with orange, gold, blue and green people all in the same 4-H club.


At 6:37 AM, Anonymous suresanraja said...

We have arranged a programme for our sales persons with subject to the leadership, teem building etc at location in India where there is not any mobile connection is available. It's purely a jungle type location. We have also played this while trecking. We have made 2 teams and one team is having 12 members. Six members in blinded with the towel and others are closed with their month. It means some body can see the things what is happening and others can hear but unable to see. With the team spirit we have when up the hill and came down. It was very fantasting. Have a nice day.


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