Friday, September 30, 2011

Horse Trophy Results

Our apologies for the delay in publishing the results for the trophy classes this summer. There were some issues with the results because of eligibility.


Senior Champion - Kasandra Cordes
Intermediate Champion - Skyelar Rounds

Junior Champion - Kotlen VanHuizen

Senior Champion - Kasandra Cordes
Intermediate Champion - Emily Eaton
Junior Champion - Rya Greene

Senior Champion - Wren VanRhee
Intermediate Champion - Tiffany Veltkamp

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dairy Days 2011

Congratulations to the youth and coaches who represented Ottawa County at the 2011 Dairy Days at MSU!

Dairy Days July 18-21, 2011
Hayleigh Geurink
Kelly Raterink
Dustin Tripp
Kacie Potts
Melissa Dinkle
Mekaya Tripp
Samantha Dekkinga
Chelsie Barnes
Jessica Holstege
John Dekkinga
C.J. Shearer
Caleb Shearer
Briana Bossler
Cali Zylstra
Jay Lynch
Brandon Mulder
Brittany Dryer
Hannah Woodwyk

MMPA MILK MARKETING TOUR AWARDS: Hayleigh Geurink and Kelly Raterink

DAIRY SHOW: Chelsea Barnes 1st in her age

Novice 4th overall
Juniors 2nd in oral reasons and 5th overall
Seniors 3rd in oral reasons
Individual placings
C.J. Shearer 4th in oral reasons and 10th overall
Hayleigh Geurink 2nd in oral reasons and 14th overall
Kelly Raterink 8th in oral reasons and 23rd overall
Kacie Potts 24th overall
Dustin Tripp 13th overall

Novice 5th
Junior 2nd
Individual placings
Samantha Dekkinga 6th
C.J. Shearer 1st
Hayleigh Geurink 6th
Brittney Dryer 9th

Juniors Ottawa A 2nd place
Seniors 2nd place

Beverley Brower
Emily Barnes
Melissa Brower-Volz
Mary Ten Brink-Costigan

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Happenings

Your September 4-H Happenings went in the mail yesterday. Here is the digital version.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

4-H Gardening in the Fall!

Join our MSUE Master Gardener Coordinator Shane VanOoosterhaut on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 in Room F of the Fillmore Complex at 7:00 p.m. (upper level). Shane will be teaching youth about fall planting, soil and how trees, bulbs and shrubs grow their root systems in preparation for the winter. Open to youth ages 9 to 19. Those participating will go home with a tree to plant along with other plants!

Vet Science Program

Join members of the Hope College Pre-veterinary program Club Animalia on Thursday, September 29th at 7:00 p.m. in room E (lower level) of the Fillmore Complex. The club and their advisor Dr. Greg Fraley will be kicking off a new veterinary science program for Ottawa County youth ages 13 and up (as of January 1, 2012). They will be meeting twice per month over the fall and winter. Space will be limited to 20 youth so after the kickoff youth will need to commit to participation on a regular basis. Each program member will receive a copy of the three veterinary science books from the National 4-H Skills for Life series. Members will learn about careers in veterinary science, and about animal health and well being as well as animal biology.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Super Ending Hudsonville 2011

Junior Supershowmanship Champion – Colten Machiela

Intermediate Supershowmanship Champion - Mackenna Senti
Senior Supershowmanship Champion - Sarah Rozema

Monday, August 29, 2011

Cat Show at Hudsonville

Senior Showmanship Champion - Emily Hemstreet
Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Samantha Dekkinga
Junior Showmanship Champion - David Rozema

Female Short Haired Kitten - Sarah Rozema
Male Short Haired Kitten - Brianne Bosler
Male Long Haired Cat - Mekaya Tripp
Female Short Haired Cat - David Rozema
Judges Best Feline - Brianna Bosler


1st - Kelly Raterink
2nd - Emily Hemstreet
3rd - Sarah Rozema
Morgan Rozema
David Rozema
Holly Tripp
Alaina Tripp
Nicole Groendyk
John Groendyk
Hannah Troupe
Megan Troupe
Harrison Gugino
Linus Gugino
Sarah Yonker
Austin Machiele

Hudsonville Goat Show Results

Senior Showmanship Champion - Jennifer Regan
Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Abigail Regan
Junior Showmanship Champion - Shane Borowski
Meat Wether - Brandon Clapp
Pygmy Goat - Nate VanKley
Pygmy Wether - Nate VanKley
Dairy Goat - Caitlin Hosteter
Dairy Wether - Cecilia Brandt

Dog Show Results

Sub-Novice A - Seth Dykstra
Sub-Novice B - Drielle Draht
Beginner Novice - Amanda Crouch
Novice Obedience - Grace Rosin
Graduate Novice - Emily Hemstreet
Novice Rally - Kala Bolthouse
Advanced Rally - Casey Adams
Excellent Rally - Emily Hemstreet
Agility I - Brielle Dracht
Agility II - Grace Rosin
Agility III - Audra Delamar
Senior Showmanship Champion - Emily Hemstreet
Reserve Champion - Morgan Rozema
Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Megan Troupe
Reserve Champion - Casey Adams
Junior Showmanship Champion - Amanda Crouch
Reserve Champion - Eric Moreland
1st Year Showmanship Champion - Ashley Stephenson
Reserve Champion - Brielle Dracht

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dairy Show

Senior Showmanship Champion - Hayleigh Geurink
Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Megan Troupe
Junior Showmanship Champion - Lauren DeJonge
Novice Showmanship Champion - Leah Russell
Supreme Showman - Hayleigh Geurink
Junior Champion - Holly Tripp
Reserve - Samantha Dekkinga
Brown Swiss
Junior Champion - Mehcaeila Woodwyk
Reserve - Sarah Rozema
Senior Champion - Rob Ferwerda
Reserve - Michaela Woodwyk
Grand Champion - Rob Ferwerda
Reserve Grand - Michaela Woodwyk
Junior Champion - Hayleigh Geurink
Reserve - Hayleigh Geurink
Senior Champion - Gerrit Baker
Reserve - Kelly Raterink
Grand Champion - Gerrit Baker
Reserve - Kelly Raterink
Club Herd

1st - Star
2nd - Townline
3rd - Animals and Us
4th - Bell
5th - Blendon
Grand Champion of the Day - Gerrit Baker

Rabbit Show

Senior Showmanship Champion - Katrina Klaes
Reserve Champion - Holly Tracy
Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Megan Troupe
Reserve Champion - Angela Raterink
Junior Showmanship Champion - Cecelia Brandt
Reserve Champion - Allison VandenBrink
Grand Champion Rabbit - Hannah Troupe
Reserve Champion Rabbit - Emily Hemstreet

Poultry Show

It was a six hour long poultry showmanship contest! Congratulations to the kids, parents, leaders and judge who stayed through the entire event. A lot of learning took place.

Senior Showmanship Champion - Hannah Troupe
Reserve Champion - Jeremy Bosch
Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Nathan VanKley
Reserve Champion - Angela Raterink
Junior Showmanship Champion - Ashton Senti
Reserve Champion - Cassidy VanKley
Grand Champion Standard - David Rozema
Grand Champion Bantam - Nathan VanKley
Grand Champion Waterfowl - Megan Troupe