Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Permiums at Fairs and More

At our annual meeting between 4-H and the three fair boards in Ottawa County we discussed the payment of premiums for the 2010 fairs. All three fairs expect to pay some premiums in 2010. The exact amount and the projects they will pay on may vary and is subject to availability of funds. Berlin Fair has advised us that they will pay for up to five still exhibits per member. They will continue to accept up to 18 still exhibit projects for judging and ribbons, but only five per member will receive premiums. Market livestock projects will not receive premiums at Berlin Fair. Ottawa County Fair (Holland) will be looking for sponsorships for premiums. If you know of a business or individual who might be interested in sponsoring premiums, please let Rick Clapp know. They will pay some premiums in 2010. Hudsonville Fair will meet in the next couple of weeks to decide how they can best pay premiums to 4-H members, but do plan to pay at least some.

All three fairs and 4-H will need to work together in the months and years ahead to find ways to reduce costs and increase revenues so that we can continue to bring a positive 4-H fair experience to the youth of Ottawa County. We appreciate the support of the volunteers and look forward to an excellent summer.


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