Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday at Berlin

Today was the rabbit show, dairy and lamb shows! Here are the winners:
Senior Showmanship - Daniella Harris
Reserve Showmanship - Suzann Alderink
Intermediate Showmanship - Erin Kishman
Reserve Showmanship - Brook Otterbein
Junior Showmanship - Jonathan Otterbein
Reserve Showmanship - Luke Wilson
Grand Wether - Morgan Piccard
Resreve Wether - Clayton Zemaitis
Grand Ewe - Jillian Piccard
Reserve Ewe - Samuel Frank
Rate of Gain - Robert Myers
Club Flock 1st - Grand River
2nd Kountry Cattle
3rd 4C 4H
Senior Showmanship - Tara Smith
Reserve Showmanship - Elizabeth Wikstrom
Intermediate Showmanship - Erin Kishman
Reserve Showmasnhip - Holly Tracy
Junior Showmanship - Mathew Schulla
Reserve Showmanship - Emma VanDongen
Grand Champion Pen - Nathan Gieske
Reserve Pen - Jeremy Haisma
Grand Individual Rabbit - Rachel Meinders
Reserve Individual - David Besteman
Senior Showmanship - Tara Graftema
Reserve Showmanship - Laura Steenstra
Intermediate Showmanship - Hayleigh Geurink
Reserve Showmanship - Jacob Schoenborn
Junior Showmanship - Noah Schoenborn
Reserve Showmanship - Paul Dunneback
Novice Showmanship - Cassie Perrin
Supreme Showman - Hayleigh Geurink
Best of Show Cow - Noah Schoenborn
Grand Holstein - Regina Steenstra
Grand Ayrshire - Roxanne Warner
Grand Brown Swiss - Paul Dunneback
Grand Jersey - Noah Schoenborn
Club Herd - 1st 4C 4H
2nd Dairy Beef Country
3rd Kountry Cattle


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