Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Michgan Mandatory (RFID) Tags for 4-H Cattle

Starting March 1, 2007, Michigan requires that all cattle be identified with radio frequency ear tags prior to movement from Michigan premises. This includes 4-H project animals. Some calves will have been purchased from a farm that already has placed RFID tags in them. However some calves may have been purchased before the tags were in place. Those calves will need to have tags put in them to comply with Michigan law. If you calf needs a tag, you must first obtain a national identification number. Call the Michigan Department of Agriculture at 866-870-5136 to obtain your number and to place an order for tags. The RFID tags cost $2. each. The applicator is $20. but you may share or borrow an applicator from someone else. The tag goes in the calves left ear (the left ear is on the left side of the animal when viewed from behind). It should be placed between the cartilage ribs about one-fourth of the distance from the head. The female part of the tag should always be placed on the inside of the ear with the male stud on the back of the ear. Make sure the back and front numbers correspond before placing the tag.


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