Sunday, July 30, 2006

Holland Fair Results

Congratulations to the many 4-H members who had outstanding exhibits at the Holland Fair!
Market Goat:
Senior Showmanship - Michelle Nickelson
Intermediate Showmanship - Amber Haveman
Junior Showmanship - Louis Besteman
Rate of Gain - Amber Haveman .49
Grand Champion Wether - Samantha Clapp
Reserve Champion - Ambe Haveman
Club Herd - Hilltop Gang 1st
Frisky Friends 2nd

Senior Showmanship - Andrea Holt
Junior Showmanship - Tyler Alberda
Rate of Gain - Andy Morren .82 and .85
Grand Havmpion Ewe - Andy Morren
Reserve Champion Ewe - Emily Mitchell
Grand Champion Wether - Andy Morren
Reserve Champion Wether - Andrea Holt
Club Flock - Drenthe

Senior Showmanship - Brandon Besteman
Intermediate Showmanship - Kevin Schoenborn
Junior Showmanship - Marcus Helder
Rate of Gain - Barrow Steve Rook 2.26
Gilt Rachel Poll 2.2
Grand Champion Gilt - Ashley Haveman
Reserve Champion Gilt - Megan Geurink
Grand Champion Barrow - Megan Geurink
Reserve Champion Barrow - Andrea Holt
Club Herd - Drenthe 1st
All Atar 2nd
Hilltop Gang 3rd

Senior Showmanship - Fawn Croel
Intermediate Showmanship - Alida Boon
Junior Showmanship - Jessica Briski
Grand Champion Rabbit - Fawn Croel
Reserve Champion Rabbit - David Besteman

Senior Showmanship - September Croel
Intermendiate Showmanship - Ashley Haveman
Junior Showmanship - Nathan VanKley

Senior Showmanhip - Catherine Haveman
Intermediate Showmanship - Amy Raterink
Junior Showmanship - Arend Haveman
Novice Showmanship - Corey Tripp
Junior Champion - Kelly Raterink
Reserve Junior - Paul Fraaza
Champion Cow - Catherine Haveman
Reserve Champion Cow - Catherine Haveman
Grand Champion - Catherine Haveman
Junior Champion - Josh Blow
Reserve Champion - Robert Ferwerda
Junior Champion - Lorna Chapman
Reserve Champion - Lorna Chapman


At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the Beef Steer show? Who were the winners?

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Elizabeth Wells said...

See the August Happenings for more complete results. Not all results were reported as of publication. Look for additional results in the next Happenings.

At 3:03 PM, Anonymous amanda said...

what happened to with the dairy goat showmanship show? who were the winners?


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