Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Yeah Goat Kids!!!!

Senior Team - Heather Samllegan, Hannah Troupe, Ashley Haveman, Anna Borowski, Jamie Timmer
Junior Team - Chad Timmer, Shane Borowski, Carissa Tracy, Chelsa Barnes, Megan Troupe

Congratulations to our senior and junior 4-H Goat Expo teams who dominated the recent event at MSU!!! The Senior team was FIRST in Quiz Bowl, Judging and Skillathon! The Junior team was SECOND in judging and 5th in skillathon.


Senior Individuals: Jamie Timmer 1st, Anna Borowski 6th, Ashley Haveman 8th

Juniors - Chelsa Barnes 2nd, Megan Troupe 8th


Senior Individuals: Jamie Timmer and Anna Borowski 2nd, Ashley Haveman 4th, Heather Smallegan 10th

Creative Writing:

Seniors - Ashley Havmen 1st, Holly Tracy 3rd

Juniors - Anna Borowkski 1st, Peter Tracy 3rd, Carissa Tracy 7th


Seniors - Anna Borowski 4th

Juniors - Carissa Tracy 3rd, Peter Tracy 4th, Shane Borowski 8th


Seniors - Hannah Troupe 7th


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