Monday, April 18, 2011

Hippology Team Triumphs at Jamboree

‎2011 4-H Horse Jamboree results: **Senior Novice Division***Judging Phase: Hannah Troupe-2nd place*Slides Phase: Hannah-3rd place*Exam Phase: Hannah-2nd place...*Stations Phase: Hannah-4th place*Individual Overall: Hannah-3rd place **Senior Regular Division ***Exam Phase: Katelyn Krause-10th place, Jen Zoerman -8th place, Tiffany Bystra-2nd place, Jennie Stephenson-1st place*Slides Phase: Katelyn-10th place, Tiffany-5th place, Jennie-1st place*Stations Phase: Tiffany-3rd place, Jennie-2nd place*Judging Phase: Jordan-10th place, Tiffany-7th place*Individual Overall: Tiffany-4th place, Jennie-1st place*Team Overall: Ottawa took 2nd place! (Team was made up of: Katelyn Krause, Jennie Stephenson, Tiffany Bystra, and Jordan Groenendyk) Congratulations Coach Audra Fitzpatrick Cook, your team is going to nationals!


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