Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cat Show and Demonstrations!

Congratulations to the members show stepped up to the plate and completed a demonstration at the Holland Fair. A record was set for the most demonstrations ever given at one fair in Ottawa County!
1st Hannah Troupe - Turn a Photo into a Digital Image
2nd - Sarah Yonker - Sing Language for Toddlers
3rd - Dustin Tripp - Super Salsa
Taylor Dannenberg - Stage Make Up
Corey Tripp - Eat an Orange
Alaina Tripp - Make a Snow Flake
Holly Tripp - Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwish
CJ Shearer - Oriental Cuisine
Caleb Shearer - Caleb's Winter Wonderland
Krystal Pardue - Line Dancing
Jon Bont - Fried Cheese
Andrew Bont - Build a Strawberry Box
Kacie Potts - Milk a Cow
Megan Troupe - Megan and the Cello
Senior Showmanship - Angela Bohn
Grand Champion Cat - Angela Bohn


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