Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Results

Lots of activity at the Ottawa County Fair in Holland today. Congratulations to all the winners!
Senior Showmanship Champion - Rob Ferwerda
Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Kelly Raterink
Junior Showmanship Champion - John Dekkinga
Novice Showmanship Champion - Caleb Shearer
Holstein Grand Champion - Rob Ferwerda
Holstein Reserve Grand - Rob Ferwerda
Jersey Grand Champion - Chelsea Barnes
Jersey Reserve Grand - Rob Ferwerda
Brown Swiss Grand Champion - Rob Ferwerda
Brown Swiss Reserve - Rob Ferwerda
Senior Showmanship Champion - Holly Tracy
Intermediate Showmasnhip Champion - Megan Timmer
Junor Showmanship Champion - Angela Raterink
Grand Champion Rabbit - Carrisa Tracey
Reserve Champion - Megan Timmer
Senior Showmanship Champion - Andrew Klein
Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Nathan VanKley
Junior Showmanship Champion - Cassidy VanKley
Senior Showmanship Champion - Amy Raterink
Intermediate Showmanhip Champion - Kelly Raterink
Junior Showmanship Champion - Chelsea Barnes
Grand Champion Feeder - Amy Raterink
Reserve Champion Feeder - Kacie Potts
Rain of Gain - Kelly Raterink
Senior Dairy Beef Showmanship Champion- Cassie Simmons
Intermediate Dairy Beef Showmanship Champion - Steven Schoenborn
Grand Champion Dairy Beef - Steven Schoenborn
Reserve Champion Dairy Beef - Arend Haveman
Rate of Gain Dairy Beef - Megan Geurink
Senior Showmanship Champion - Caleb Klingenberg
Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Devan Hoekstra
Grand Champion Beef - Caleb Klingenberg
Reserve Champion Beef - Lewie Ruscher
Rate of Gain - Emily Mitchell


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