Monday, June 28, 2010


A huge thank you to the many members, volunteers, parents and businesses who supported 4-H fund raising through Tractor Supply Stores in April and in individual club events in June. The $ clover campaign in April and May raised $367.80 at the Coopersville store, $501.60 at the Holland store and $237.60 at the Hudsonville store for a total of $1,137.00 for Ottawa County 4-H Council. That was the highest total for any county in Michigan. In addition, Drenthe 4-H Club had a fund raiser to benefit 4-H and raised another $550. on June 4th! That is a total of $1,687. that will go to assist with 4-H programming. The 4-H Council pays for our annual awards banquet, Kettunen Center workshops for teens and leaders and many educational programs and materials. They are also the sponsors of the 4-H Super Thursday events that we had all year at the Fillmore Complex.


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