Monday, January 26, 2009

Berlin Livestock News

The Berlin Livestock Committee met recently and there are some changes that feeder calf project members need to be aware of. As usual, all project animals must be calved no earlier than January 1, 2009. However, there will be no weigh in or rate of gain data required. We feel this will promote healthier calves that will feed out better over the long haul. So, Randy & Terrie Graftema have volunteered to tag the calves on farm – North of the river on Feb 21 and south of the river Feb 28. If you show in this project area, be sure that the Graftema’s know where to locate your calf on tagging day! We are very pleased that the Graftema’s are giving up two Saturdays to perform this service. Please have your calf caught up and accessible when they arrive. All members are expected to castrate and dehorn appropriately. Contact John Willcome with any questions.


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