Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First Day Results from Holland

Market Goat Wethers
Sr. Showmanship David Besteman
Int. Showmanship Cody Besteman
Gr. Ch. Wether Amber Haveman
Res. Ch. Wether Jamie Timmer
Rate of Gain Amber Haveman
Club Herd Frisky Friends

Sr. Showmanship Emily Mitchell
Int. Showmanship Sara Bronkema
Gr. Ch. Ewe Kaley Bareman
Res. Ch. Ewe Taylor Dannenberg
Gr. Ch. Wether Andrea Holt
Res. Ch. Wether Emily Mitchell
Rate of Gain Taylor Dannenberg & John Bronkema
Club Flock Drenthe

Sr. Showmanship Brandon Besteman
Int. Showmanship Kristen Dykstra
Jr. Showmanship Allyson Dykstra
Gr. Ch. Gilt Ivana Klingenberg
Res. Ch. Gilt David Besteman
Gr. Ch. Barrow Megan Geurink
Res. Ch. Barrow Luke Geurink
Rate of Gain Barrow Shawn Kroll Gilt Aaron DeBoer
Club Herd 1. Country View, 2. All Star, 3. Frisky Friends


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