Friday, July 20, 2007

Results from Wednesday & Thursday

Senior Showmanship - Hannah Bollinger
Res. Sr. Showmanship - Amanda Busman
Intermediate Showmanship - Jacob Bollinger
Res. Int. Showmanship - Ryan Clayton
Junior showmanship - Noah Schoenborn
Res. Jr. Showmanship - Leah Duimstra
Rate of Gain - Billy Fuller & Cara Overweg
Gr. Ch. Barrow - Noah Schoenborn
Res. Gr. Ch. Barrow - Tyler Robach
Gr. Ch. Gilt - Andrew Terpstra
Res. Gr. Ch. Gilt - Hannah Bollinger
Club Herd 1. Silver Star, 2. Grand River, 3. Kountry Cattle
Senior Showmanship Andrea Hemstreet
Res. Sr. Showmanship September Croel
Int. Showmanship Ashley Haveman
Res. Int. Showmanship Emily Hemstreet
Junior Showmanship Kali Katerburg
Res. Jr. Showmanship Louis Besteman
Waterfowl Stephanie Boomgaard
Best Bantam September Croel
Best Light Breed Chicken Kali Katerburg
Best Heavy Breed Chicken Stephanie Boomgaard

1st Nicole Gustin
2nd Liz Brinks
3rd Heather Brinks
Obredience Rally Novice
Age 9 to 14
1st Emily Hemstreet
2nd Emily Demerest
3rd Cara Hansen
Age 15 to 19
1st Leah Dykstra
2nd Jessica Fuller
3rd Michelle Nichelson
Sub Novice Team - 1 Bow Wow Bunch B
2 Hill Top Gang
3 Bow Wow Bunch c
4 Bow Wow Bunch A
5 Tailgaiters
Novice Team 1 Hilltop Gang
High Point - Sub - Leah Toering
Reserve High Point - Danae Dracht
High Point - Novice - Emily Demerest
Reserve - Janelle VanHuis
Agility I - Danae Dracht
Agility II - Kendra DeRoo
Agility III - Rachel Bazan
1st year showmanship - Andrea Lamfers
Junior - Kayla Bolthouse
Intermediate - Jessica Potter
Senior - Anne Vargo


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