Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 Holland Kicks Off

Senior Showmanship Champion - Jeremy Bosch
Reserve - Chad Timmer
Grand champion Wether - Jamie Timmer
Reserve Champoin - Chad Timmer
Rate of Gain - Jamie Timmer
Senior Showmanship Champion - Kelly Raterink
Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Jessica Timmer
Juniot Showmanship Champion - Nate Koomen
Master Showman - Kelly Raterink
Grand Champion Ewe - Nate Koeman
Reserve Ewe - John Bronkema
Grand Champion Whether - Kelly Raterink
Reserve Champion - Kelly Raterink
Rate of Gain - Nate Koeman and Grace VanKampen
Club Flock - Drenthe 4-H
Senior Showmanship Champion - Jon Hop
Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Luke Geurink
Junior Showmanship Champion - Kate Bosch
Grand Champion Gilt - Luke Geurink
Rerserve Gilt - Jon Hop
Grand Champion Barrow - Luke Geurink
Reserve Champion - Hannah Troupe
Rate of Gain - Collin Merryman and Colleen Potter
Club Herd - Country View


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