Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kids Rock at Goat Expo

The Ottawa County 4-H kids rocked at Goat Expo at MSU this year.

Junior Individuals - Judging
1st place - Collin McCullick
5th place - Anna Borowski
6th place - Carissa Tracy
9th place - Otto Dryfhout

Junior Individuals - Skillathon
5th place - Collin McCullick

Junior Individuals - Creative Writing
2nd place - Anna Borowski
6th place - Carissa Tracy

Junior Team: Collin McCullick, Chelsea Barnes, Carissa Tracy, Crace McCullick, Otto Dryfhout

Senior Inividual - Judging
6th place - Krystal Pardue
10th place - Abbie Dryfhout

Senior Infdividual - Skillathon
2nd place - Krystal Pardue
5th place - Anna Borowski

Senior Individuals - Creative Writing
1st place - Holly Tracy

Senior Teams

Ottawa A: Krystal Pardue, Anna Borowski, Jamie Timmer, Holly Tracy
Ottawa B: Abbie Dryfhout, Hannah Dryfhout, Rob Ferwerda, Jeremy Bosch

3rd place judging - Ottawa A
4th place judging - Ottawa B
1st place skillathon - Ottawa A


At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Amanda Haveman said...

good job everyone!! glad to see you all rocked :D


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