Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Educational Materials

The 4-H Council is pleased to announce new educational materials available to 4-H clubs through our lending program. Any 4-H club in the county may borrow these for a two week period. Call Joan to make arrangements at 846-8250.
  • Darci Decorates: How to Cake Decorate DVD
  • Cake Deorating Basics by Wilton DVD
  • Cake Decorating for Dummies by Joe LoCicero BOOK
  • A Guide to American Pedigree Cats by Cat Fanciers Association DVD
  • Taking Your Obstacles Out of Trail by Nancy Cahill DVD
  • Competitive Trail: Warm Ups, Walk-Throughs and Actual Courses by Nancy Cahill DVD
  • Competitive Trail: Troubleshooting and Taking Your Obstacles Home by Nancy Cahill DVD
  • Goat Learning Laboratory Kit by Ohio State University


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