Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trail Results

In Hand - 1st Sammie Baker
Ponies 9 to 19 1st Natalie Teune
2nd Andrea Nitz
3rd Ashley Derby
4th William Smith
5th Ashley Streur
Horse 9 to 11 1st Rachel Smith
2nd Stephanie Szymas
3rd Lindsey Nelson
4th Abigail Nemick
5th Allison Klinger
6th Julie Headley
Horse 12 & 13 1st Briana Slager
2nd Nicole VanKampen
3rd Emily Hemstreet
4th Courtney Kaminski
5th Tiffany Bystra
6th Andra Steenwyk
Horse 14 & 15 1st Ashton McAlary
1st (tie) Emily Brown
3rd Krystal Wilson
4th Jamie VanderLey
5th Kelle Boers
6th Rachael Kleis
Horse 16 & 17 1st Rachael Kishman
2nd September Croel
3rd Bradley Steenwyk
4th Kaylee Meekhof
5th Danielle VanDussen
6th Heather Newton
Horse 18 and 19 1st Fawn Croel
2nd Spencer Grygiel


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