Friday, September 01, 2006

State 4-H Dog Show

Ottawa County members did exceptionaly well at the State 4-H Dog Show at MSU. The Ottawa Team was 2nd, Holly Groenink was 2nd in Brace. Tara Smith was first in the Poster Contest for 15 - 19 year olds.

Other placements were as follows:
Agility Beginner A Ages 14 -1 9 Julia Shukis 4th & Mark Bolthouse 6th
Agility Beginner B Ages 9 - 11 Erica Beukema 5th
Agility Beginner B Age 13 Leah Toering 4th
Agility Intermediate B Ages 9 - 12 Kendra DeRoo 1st
Agility Intermediate B Ages 17 -19 Holly Groenink 2nd
Agility Advanced A All Ages Michelle Nichelson 3rd
Agility Advanced B Ages 16 -19 Jana VanDyken 5th

Obedience Pre-Novice A Ages 15 - 19 Jannelle VanHuis 1st
Obedience Pre-Novice B Age 11 Erica Beukema 6th
Obedience Pre-Novice B Age 13 Leah Towering 1st
Obedience Pre-Novice B Age 15 Leah Dykstra 1st and Tara Smith 2nd
Obedience Novice B Ages 12 - 13 Kendra DeRoo 2nd
Obedience Novice B Ages 17 - 19 Holly Groenink 1st
Obedience Grad Novice B Holly Groenink 3rd

Showmanship Open Age 11 Erica Beukema 4th
Showmanship Novice Age 13 Leah Toering 3rd
Showmanship Open Age 13 Kendra DeRoo 3rd
Showmanship Novice Age 15 Janelle VaHuis 2nd & Leah Dykstra 3rd
Showmanship Open Age 15 Tara Smith 1st & Michelle Nichelson 2nd
Showmanship Novice Age 16 Anne Vargo 2nd
Showmanship Open Ages 17 - 19 Holly Groenink 6th
Showmanship Champion Ages 15-16 Jana VanDyken 5th
Showmanship Champion Ages 17 - 19 Aaron Koenes 2nd


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