Wednesday, February 22, 2006

2006 State 4-H Horse Jamboree

If you are a horse project member and have not yet participated in the annual Horse Jamboree, then there's no time like the present! I became aware of the Jamboree dates and deadlines just a little too late to get them into the February issue of the Happenings, so I wanted to communicate them to you via this post. Jamboree consists of three events: Horse Quiz Bowl, Judging and Hippology. The best part - you don't even need to own a horse to compete! It's all about knowledge! Although we have missed the deadlines for Horse Bowl, and members interested in competing in Judging or Hippology (def: the study of horses) can still register by March 24 to be eligible to compete at MSU on April 22. There are many detail regarding this event, so if you call the office at 616.846.8250, we would be happy to send you the guidelines that lay out every detail. I competed in Hippology for Ottawa County about 20 years ago (yikes) and I feel this is a great experience. We discussed this event at the Horse Committee meeting and everyone felt it is an event the we should take renewed interest in here in Ottawa County. The Jamboree Guidlines books will be available at the upcoming Horse Leaders Meeting which has been set for Monday April 17.


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